About us

Elina Saalfeld

project management, accounting

Elina Saalfeld is a german-finnish artist. She is interested in the transformation of a multi-layered idea into a concrete, communicative concept. She works on these goals as an artist as well as an organiser for collaborative projects.

Hanna Kaihlanen

artistic management

Hanna Kaihlanen is a Helsinki-based filmmaker. She thinks that art is at its purest when different mediums collide. Kaihlanen works in the fields of film, interdisciplinary collaboration and event management. She wants to cross limits and bring art closer to its audience, since she believes in arts power to change its experiencers world.

Benjamin Allers

project coordinator

Benjamin Allers works as a freelance artist, exhibition maker, art teacher and cultural activist in Hamburg. His artistic work emphasises on the dynamics of power structures and their effects on people. Cultural values and making knowledge available to everyone, is his practical approach in order to de-concentrate existing power structures.

Luise Leschik

publicity, web design

Luise Leschik studied Drama and Theatre Studies (BA, Aberystwyth) and Performance Studies (Ma, Hamburg). She is a performer, actress and director. She tends to work at the boarder of theatre and performance. Her work often deal with historic and autobiographic topics that form a relation to current events and/or society. Therefore, she tries to provoke and encourage a critical mindset for the audience and find ways of interaction.

Francisca Markus

graphic and design

Francisca Markus is a multi-media artist. In her works Markus questions reality and fiction. She is interested in collaborative structures of using space in different ways. A space as a draft of thought and as a paper for the draft.

Insa Olshausen


Insa Olshausen studies sociology, politics, ethnology and portugese in Hamburg and Recife (Brasil). Additionally she works as a speaker and journalist. Her main interest is a sustainable development, especially post-growth concepts, international solidarity and the connecting of artistic formats with politics.

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