The Artists

…from Helsinki

Erkka Luutonen

Erkka Luutonen is a Finnish city activist and a founding member and the director of the Cultural Center Sähinä (Helsinki). Erkka wants to make sure that citizens have enough low threshold spaces, where they can expand their knowledge together and express themselves. He thinks it is important to mix different groups like the professionals and the amateurs, and especially to break the artificial constraints keeping us from improving ourselves.

Sähinä Kulturzentrum


Venla Helenius and Sanna Ritvanen are artists as well as organizators of the offspace Asematila. Asematila is a cultural space established in 2015 in the Huopalahti station building’s former waiting room. During its first two years, the space has served as a place for a wide range of cultural activities from performances and workshops, to collective dinners and daytime naps.

Venla Helenius

Venla Helenius (MA) is an artist whose work is a combination of art education, installation-, and
performance art. She is one of the founding members of Asematila-collective, which is running a
performance- and exhibition space in Huopalahti, Helsinki. Besides that she works with performance
and visual arts, usually sharing her practice with a pair or a small working group. Helenius wrote her
masters thesis about the hospitality of the spaces, based on Jaques Derrida’s ideas on unconditional
hospitality and Karmen MacKendrick’s thoughts about hospitality as listening. The research was part
of Asematila-project, where the ideas about hospitality and post-capitalist cultural space were
reflected on Asematila’s curatorial practices.

Sanna Ritvanen

Sanna Ritvanen is an artist whose interest lays in the researching of body-environment relations and
different kinds of collective and collaborative working methods. Last she’s been working especially
with camping and walking (Nomadism Workshop, 2016) and urban environments (Huono Porisuhde,
2017-2018). Ritvanen is part of Asematila-collective and has been working actively in the curatorial
and productive processes of the space since 2015. Right now she is writing her master’s thesis on
Urban camping as artistic practice and method in Aalto University’s Visual Culture and Contemporary
Art programme.

Ramina Habibollah

Ramina Habibollah is a multidisciplinary artist born in Tehran and currently living and working in Helsinki. In her work she touches upon the notions of ecology, feminism and cyborg anthropology. She explores alternative ways of co-existing with non-human bodies and other dimensions.

…from Hamburg

Femrep e.V.

femrep is an association, a network, a collective label, a cause, a space in many spaces for women*. femrep was founded in Hamburg in April 2017, in order to fill a gap; to open a space for solidary networking, an exchange space for FLTI*s not limited by profession or generation, a framework for the feminist discourse and the possibility to form an autonomous organisation. Alongside monthly meetings, femrep offers reading circles, film clubs, colloquiums, excursions, workshops, collective meals and lectures by and for FLTI*s.


Ok.Terrain is an offspace run by an artist collective. It’s used both as a workspace community as well as an interdisciplinary artspace.

Gängeviertel e.V.

Valentinskamp 28A

20355 Hamburg



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