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Workshop Operation Frieda

by Femrep e.V.

In this one day workshop we are planning various kinds of guerilla interventions in different cultural and art institutions in Hamburg. Thereby pointing at the fact that FLTI*s are still underrepresented in exhibitions, publications, galleries, theatre stages, music festivals and art fairs. Together we want to create various formats that draw attention to this fact as well as gaining spaces and talking about solidarity and visibility in the artistic sphere. 

Workshop How to create a space?

by Erkka Luutonen

Culture Center Sähinä’s founding member and the director Erkka Luutonen from Finland will lead a workshop titled “How to create a space?”. The workshop will consist of a short introduction about Sähinä, why it was established and how it is kept operational. After the introduction, participants will simulate creating their own spaces in small groups, with the help of a couple basic guidelines. The Idea is to create a concept of a space within a real city (Hamburg, Helsinki, Cairo etc.). Important questions are which area or district is chosen and why, what kind of a space (real or imaginary), what is the target audience (users) and how the space is funded (and many others). In the end of the workshop we will discuss the spaces created, and their potential in real life.

Lecture with Workshop All your data belongs to us

by Chaoscomputerclub

theoretical part:

In this lecture we want to inform about the extensive methods of data acquisition and propose implementable contra-methods. Outlook and questions: How can we be sensible towards these deficits and how can they be made visible through artistic practice? 

practical part:

Using every day devices (such as smartphones etc.) we show how easy it is to find and collect data. We will then contextualize the found data and make their financial value visible. Afterwards we will set up modifications to prevent future data leaks on the private smartphones. 

Workshop Social Sampling


Sampling as a cultural technique has been researched plentily. But what about their social aspects of sampling? One who discovers new music, often also finds new people. In the age of global sampling nostalgia and curiosity collide – on dance floors or in one single music piece, new perspectives open up. Nothing less than the all-encompassing world peace should be achieved in this workshop. Be part of a social sampling process with Booty Carrell alias Sebastian Reier vinyl archeologist, DJ, record sales assistant, radio moderator and Sleepwalker alias Marc Wichmann, Rapper and Hip Hop producer from Hamburg.

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June 2024

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