Our Concept


Space and Hustlin is a three-day interdisciplinary and participatory festival. The weekend offers an exciting combination of international art, workshops and discussions, which highlight different ways of doing, thinking and performing. The festival is produced in cooperation with and by culture creators and spaces from Helsinki and Hamburg. The program emphasizes through concrete examples and discussions how open non-profit spaces can function in the principle of sharing. Thus a wide range of tools to further developing the city space are introduced and a space for local and international networking is created.

This festival is a continuation of the pilot event, which was the three-day city-space Festival Space and Hustlin I, which took place in Helsinki in August 2017. It was funded by the city of Helsinki. 

The program is composed out of three workshops given by Hamburg-based culture creators, three program items by the guests from Helsinki and a discussion dealing with topics on the possibilities and strategies of non-profit spaces. In addition, a framework program is offered, which generates a relaxed space for networking of the audience, culture creators and representatives of the culture spaces. The event is free of charge and open to everyone.

Why and how?

In order to function as an equal part of a community, a person needs spaces that encourage to do, think and express instead of consuming. We introduce three of such spaces to the city inhabitants of Hamburg, in order to lower the hurdle of taking a chance on their offers and co-designing their contents. In this way we aim to activate the potential of the city inhabitants and contribute to a lively, self-made and inclusive city culture. The festival is an example of how knowledge, skills and other immaterial resources can be shared.

The workshops invite the visitors to try out different forms of art and crafts. The concrete participation creates a personal connection to the culture spaces, which encourages the audience to further using and shaping of their offers. Only concrete examples and open co-operation create structure-changing activities. The festival functions as a platform for international and local networking of the represented spaces. Through sharing particular strategies and ideologies an exciting exchange about topics, as financing and creating a participatory environment, is enabled – because of lacking resources this discourse is often not taking place.

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July 2024

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